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As the contractor and master carpenter on HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block, Chip Wade explains and demonstrates the tools and processes best suited for exterior renovation, landscaping and construction. For the past few years, Chip has turned to Extira Treated Exterior Panels for a wide range of non-structural, paint-grade exterior applications on home renovation projects in the Atlanta area.

CMI recently had an opportunity to talk with Chip about his experiences with Extira:

CMI: How did you get started using Extira?

Chip: "I am very involved in custom milling and CNC routing, so I am always inquisitively searching for new products. I started using Extira about three years ago and to have an exterior-rated material that is very fast to mill and paints beautifully without much prep is a gold mine."

CMI: Where do you typically use Extira on your remodeling projects?

Chip: "I use Extira for any exterior application that needs a beautiful painted surface. I’ve used it for shutters, as a façade for free standing structures, decorative panels, bracket appliqués, mailbox surrounds … if it’s on the outside of a house I’ve used Extira."

CMI: What do you like most about Extira?

Chip:"Having a material that you don’t have to worry about is what’s most important to me and it is what I like most about Extira. With many other materials you have to worry about performance, aesthetics and other factors. For example, with PVC, temperature can play a role in the effectiveness of using it for anything besides fascia trim, because it moves with heat. If you paint PVC a dark color, it can swell and sag if it is not overly supported. It has all the benefits of a synthetic material like PVC at the cost of a natural material. Plus, I don’t have to worry about moisture, rot or termites."

CMI: What other exterior panel materials have you used and how does Extira compare?

Chip: "I used a lot of PVC in the past, including in applications where I didn’t really need to use it. With PVC being at least twice the cost of Extira, I can now get a great cost savings. Another issue is the side grade of the extruded PVC, which doesn’t always mill as seamlessly or paint as well as Extira does in the cross section. Extira is very easily prepared for paint."

CMI: Any tips or advice about Extira that you could offer to other contractors who are either considering it or currently using other products?

Chip: "Experiment with it. The beauty of Extira is that is has a great price point, so you don’t have to feel so limited to getting it exactly right on like you do with more expensive materials. Get a little extra and tinker with it. That’s the only way to really figure out how to fully utilize anything."

Curb Appeal: The Block airs on HGTV every Saturday at 9:30 p.m./8:30c.


Chip Wade Master Carpenter

Extira Panels Are User-Friendly

Mark Brousseau

Mark Brousseau, owner and operator of B & M Garage Doors and Openers in Mississauga, Ontario, purchases Extira panels from Robert Bury & Co. in Brampton, Ontario. Brousseau was so impressed with Extira panels that he wrote to Robert Bury to explain why. Here is what he had to say:

"B & M is very impressed with this product [Extira] for many reasons. It is moisture proof and rot resistant. It works with our standard tools and we find it trouble-free to cut, machine and nail. It is effortless to router, carve and mould when making our custom carriage house garage doors. We also have no difficulty in priming or painting our architectural components. Thank you for a very superior and user friendly, as well as environmentally friendly product."

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