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Extira Installation Guidelines

Extira Installation Guidelines (French)

Using Extira Panels to Make Signs: General Information on Laminating, Finishing, and Adhesives for Signmakers

Using Extira Panels: General Information on Finishing and Adhesives

Field Painting of Extira Panels


For Best Results

For best results, allow Extira to acclimate to the conditions it will be used in for 48 to 72 hours before final application or fabrication of a product using Extira. When designing products made with Extira, always allow for the natural expansion or contraction of Extira due to changes in its moisture content and assess interaction with other components in the final product. Like other wood composite material, the moisture content of Extira will change based on the ambient relative humidity and environmental conditions to which it is exposed.


Machining Extira

Extira works with standard tools and practices; easy to handle, cut, machine and nail.